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    What is remarkable in Marrakech, is its ability to respond to very different expectations. More than one million of tourists come over here each year, in different age groups, with very different aspirations, but yet…

    That’s probably because the city is a surprising geografic and cultural crossroad. The Medina, historic city, is a concentrate of traditions. Craft, lifestyles and urban organisation remind us the past, sometimes glorious, sometimes declining of this ancient city.

    Guelizthe Winteraiethe Palm or the new suburbs are rather a concentrate of modernity. Restaurants, sporty activities or invitations to relaxation surprise by theit creativity, their « hype » attitude and the infinity of suggestions. And it is this which attracted large audiences more and more addict in the city: a varied offer, diversified, wich cohabit harmoniously under an almost permanent sun. At last, for those on the move, areas more or less accessible around Marrakech are many : sea, mountains, countryside are attractive alternatives to spend a day outside the city.

    With tourists growing, Marrakech keeps however its authenticity. The crowd does not distort its main qualities: quite the contrary, it strengthens them.

    Discover the sumptuous palaces and relics of the past. Delight yourself with colours, odors and lights, under the tireless summer of our red city. Go for a ride on an ancient cart, along the tree-lined boulevards. Or take simply an afternoon on an artificial hype beach ; go dancing, eating or drinking in on of the many trendy places. You’ve understood : there will be for everyone.

    You are in the South Pearl, a magic city…


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