un endroit où il fait bon se reposer

Around Riad Zitoum el-jdid

You will stay in the Kennaria Suburb, in the heart of the Medina. Just a few steps away from its activities and historic sites.

Our Riad is in Kennaria, a subset of the Riad Zitoum el-jdid suburb, named after the street that runs through. An interesting area to know is that one. First, because he’s in the heart of the Medina, near the square and close to the famous « Café de France », one of the well-known adress.

Immediately after the « Café de France », you will take the Bank Street and enter our suburb by the Riad Zitoum Street.

Proximity is especially attractive because of the calm of the Kennaria Suburb, immune to noise from the street living, from tireless trade and endless passages of motorcycles or other activities. The sounds of the Square are also imperceptible.

Bahia’s Palace

Bahia’s Palace ("the beauty") is a masterpiece of the moroccan architecture. Built by the vizier Sidi Moussa during the 20th century, he was enlarge gradually by his son Ba Ahmed. Nesteld in beautiful gardens and lovely patio, the apartments of the wives and concubines are richly decorated. The main hall of the palace is decorated with a fabulous wooden ceiling carved cedar, and you will surely take some pictures of it.

Dar Si Saïd

The Museum Dar Si Said is similar, under the architectural plan, to the Bahia Palace. It is dedicated to the Moroccan craft industry. Two beautiful floors collect many pieces of art : carpets, ceramics, wood carvings, ancient weapons, costumes and traditional Berber jewelry. The traveler in search of a discovery of various local art will probably be captivated.