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Magic Marrakech

As a Modern city, Marrakech is a concentrate of authenticity and contrast.

Marrakech is in heart of Morocco, and give it its name. Planted between the Atlantic Plain and the Atlas Mountain, our imperial city can’t dream better location. Moroccan Pearl, it seduces more tourists every year (more than one million). A succes recovers, as in the past, in the glorious hours of the great dynasties.

Marrakech was born in 1062 under the reign of Youssef Ben Tachfine, first ruler of the Almoravids. Under his impulse, Marrakech became a thriving city.

In 1147, the Almohadians conquered the city and they contribute greatly to its cultural and economic blossoming. That’s under Yacoub el-Mansour, the victorious, that the city reach its peak and radiates through Iberia.

In 1269, the year in wich Marrakech fells to the Merinidiens, that choose Fès as main city. Marrakech breaks up and knows a few difficult centuries. Under the Saadians dynasty in the 16th century, particulary under Ahmed el-Mansour, called the Golden, Marrakesh found its ancient splendor.

During the 20th century, Marrakesh found a new dynamic. The new suburb, the Guéliz and the winterage emerge to hosts europeans, officials,… The city increased from 100.000 to 1,5 millions people ( 300.000 just for the Medina).

Marrakech is no longer the political capital of Morocco, but remains the religious capital of the country. Mohammed VI, like his father Hassan II, is a regular visitor and contributes to the growing development of the city.

Discover Marrakech is choosing to discover an old city dotted with remnants of the past, but also to cross subtle attendance of modernity which will enjoy your stay, such as salt and pepper to taste better.