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What to know about the media in Morocco?

Post offices

There are post offices everywhere, even in small villages. However, expect to be in a big city to post your mail.

The offices of large cities are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. In smaller cities (including Marrakech), you have to expect a closing lunch and Friday afternoon. Some posts have a constantly until 21:00 for current operations.


The phone numbers have 10 digits in Morocco, the first one is always zero and the second a 5 (fixed) or 6 (mobile). To call Morocco (landline) from abroad, dial 00 + 212 + 5 + the number you want to 8 digits (without the leading 0).

To call a mobile phone: + 00 212 + 6 + the number you want to 8 digits (without the leading 0).

Note: National Information: tel. : 160 (efficient service). International inquiries: tel. : 126.

Mobile phone

Two operators (Meditel and Morocco Telecom) share the market and offer a wide geographic coverage (with the exception of mountainous areas). Moroccan operators have agreements with foreign operators. Attention, it often takes 1 euro/minute for roaming. We recommend using a mobile phone with a local SIM.


You will find cyber adequately equipped with broadband connections in all major cities and even in some towns. Our hotel has wifi in some of the common areas. The access is available via cable in the rooms.


That’s easy to find the international press in all major cities, with one day shift. Press marcoaine publishes in three languages: Arabic, French and Spanish. In addition to Moroccan television, which broadcasts in Arabic and French, many hotels via satellite relay programs French, Italian, German and English.