un endroit où il fait bon se reposer

Argan hands

To reappropriate the body through massage : try.

Massage is an excellent way to take care of his body and re-appropriated.

The expert hands of our masseuse are associated with an oil massage with argan, with light notes of amber and musk and orange blossom, to provide you with relaxation and well being. You can also opt for a pure argan oil. Rich in vitamin E, the beauty secrets of the oil produced have proven effective for centuries.

We offer relaxing massages that rhyme with gentleness, relaxation and wellness.

You can also opt for a tonic massage, which aims to restore vitality.

For each of these massages, you can choose the length depending on your mood: 30, 45 or 60 minutes. The choice is yours.

Every massage should ideally be reserved the night before or, for the undecided, that morning.

We propose also manicure, pedicure, facial cares...