un endroit où il fait bon se reposer

Travel the country's well being

In Rihani, you will enjoy our moment of intense relaxation

We can provide a hammam and massage room that caters for couples.

The hammam is freely accessible, 17 to 20 hours or by appointment. A place of relaxation and care, we invite you to enjoy the benefits, to let your mind wander in the candlelight. The gentle warmth gives a soothing effect, cleanses skin, and relaxes muscles.

We offer various treatments and rituals inspired by the Moroccan tradition. Take the time to care for you and give yourself a moment of relaxation that is out of the ordinary. Scrubs and wraps provided by Latifa also help you to relax.

To extend this moment of complete relaxation, treat yourself to a massage. You will finish your experience in one of the patio chairs at the pool, sipping your mint tea ... a final touch of a magic moment.