un endroit où il fait bon se reposer

ABC for a pleasant stay in Marrakech

Some useful informations for your stay at the Riad Rihanni

APPETIZER – What can be more relaxing than chill out in the patio with a glass of something and some tapas? Please note : if you’ve brought Champagne or another bottle in your luggage, we will ask you 15 euros as corkage.

BABY-SITTING – Service available on demand.

DEPOSIT BOX – You can find a secure deposit box in each room of the Riad. You have to configure it with a code. If you prefer a key, just ask us and we will give you one for all your stay.

ENVIRONMENT – Our riad try to help to protect our environment. Here more than anywhere else, water is a valuable resource.

EXCURSIONS – The Riad suggests loads of getaways in and around Marrakech. Najat can provide more information at the reception desk.

HAMMAM – The Hammam is freely accessible from 5 to 8 pm.  It’s also possible to use it at the other moments by reservation. We ask you to wear a swimsuit by respect to the culture of the country. 30€

MOBILE PHONE – A mobile phone with a local card is availabe on demand. You can charge it in one of the shops in the Medina by buying a Maroc Telecom card (50 Dirhams or more).

RESTAURANT – The restaurant is open every day, except on Wednesday. We recommand the creative cuisine of Habiba. If you prefer to have dinner outside, Naja will happily book you a table.

SMOKING – … is forbidden in our rooms.  Thank you to respect this rule.

SPA – When you want to access to one of the SPA service, we lend you a wrapper. If you prefer to use the hammam in free service, we can propose one on demand.

VOCABULARY – What can be more pleasant than speaking to a Marrakchi some words in his language.

Hello : Salam alaikoum

Please : Aafak

How are you ? : Labass ?

Yes : iyyeh

No : Lla

Welcome : M’rah’ba

How much does it cost ? : B’shhal ?

Ok : Wakha

Good bye : B’sslama

Thank you : Choukrane

WEB – Every room is equipped with an ADSL outlet. The WIFI is accessible in certain part of the patio. (Login : ask the reception for the password).