Une oasis de quiétude

Once upon a time...

… or the story of a familial house becoming a « Riad of exception »

Just a few steps away from the Jemaa el Fna square and the souks, near the Bahia’s Palace and the friendly Mellah suburbs, neighbours say that the Rihani is a little bit like their house. They get married in here, have parties. Because the Riad was the biggest of the Derb, because the owners, Sidi and Lalia Rihani were generous The house soul was dedicated to feasts and generosity and will continue to be, Inch’Allah !

Hospitality is our priority. One thing is important: when you return home, you will feel like you have been a part of the city, and that the Rihani is like your home.

After three long years of restoration, it was decided to look after each detail to give life back to this generous house. It was necessary to preserve the volumes of the reception rooms of this little palace and save the existing architectural elements. Zouaks, gebs, old doors and cedar ceiling, everything has been preserved, restored by passionate artisans. If, without doubt, there was a soul in the house,  it was necessary to revive it, retaining the origins, forms and forces in its history.

Tadelakt was added during the creation of bathrooms, for its softness, its authenticity, its sensuality.

Happiness is created and shared at the Rihani. The observation of an architect of historic monuments "Congratulations and thanks for Marrakech" was a nice recognition.

Our greatest reward is that our guests feel at ease in here.

Upon your arrival in Marrakech, the Red City and Morocco is available to you in a friendly riot of colours, sounds, scents. And when you tire of so many sensations, you will enter the door of the Riad, and you will find the peace, harmony, rest ... Welcome home!