un endroit où il fait bon se reposer

The Terrace : an elevator to the sun

The terrace reflects the rhythm of the seasons.  Each of them has its interest

There is no good riad, if there is no good terrace; the terrace is a piece in itself. It delivers its secrets depending seasons and aspirations.

In winter, guests usually enjoy breakfast on the terrace. The temperature is generally mild and the sunlight welcoming.

The season of spring and fall also welcome breakfast, but our customers are torn between the patio and the terrace, depending on their tolerance to sunlight.

Throughout the year, the terrace is synonymous with the sun. For those who truly worship the sun and for those who appreciate it in moderation. In the shade or under the rays of the generous sun the terrace therefore fully meets your requirements of light and exposure.

Perched on the roof and wrapped around the opening of the patio, you will find on the terrace of which you rest, read, eat or drink. Drinks are served on request.

Finally, a tent will allow small groups to enjoy a meal or to have a chat, during the day, evening and throughout a starry night.

Welcome to the roofs of our world.