un endroit où il fait bon se reposer

Simply big

Our patio is big as a Riad

In a Riad everything is organized around the patio. Truly the soul of the building, it is also a big open air space, in the heart of the patio.

This garden is in fact a green courtyard. Traditionally, the patio is articulated around a foundain. We have replace it with a swimming pool.

Orange trees, symbole and logo af the riad are the principal trees of the patio. Recently, they’ve found the companionship of a Washington palm tree, seeking some height.

Take a seat in the library, ask the cook for  meal, entering the hammam, be in your room, escaping out of the riad, every time you have to make the same journey: crossing our patio. This is why it is clean, friendly, and authentic. It is the first and the last picture you will have of our house.