un endroit où il fait bon se reposer

Freedom of movement

Le Rihani is an open house where luxury is expressed through the generosity of common areas

On the ground floor, the party was taken before the restoration of the Riad to preserve the volume of the salons called "reception".

Nestled in the heart of the riad, the patio accommodates a long swimming pool around which a few tables and chairs are arranged. Two lounges are located on both sides: the yellow room or lounge Fassi immerses you in the East while the library’s warm colours invite you to read or to enjoy some local sweets. Nestled between these two rooms, you will find a massage room that welcomes you warmly. It is also near here that will find the kitchen of Habiba. Open and welcoming, it will greet you with a happy grin. The fourth side of the patio is one of the two grand staircases that feature the descents and rising of the angels. Sheltering under the stairs is the hammam.

Upstairs is the living room, above which spread a large terrace with plenty flowers in season. It is accessible from both sides offering symmetrical access from two major staircases from the patio.