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The Green Key moved to Rihani

The key to green tourism promotes environmentally friendly.


The environment and ecology have become a top priority for the future of our planet and its occupants, and "green procurement" is very popular, reflecting the importance of this concern for consumers.

The Green Key is an international eco-label for tourist accommodation. This is a voluntary label, annually awarded by a jury of experts, which rewards hotels with an environmental approach.

Stay in a Green Key assures guests of both a protected environment at their place of residence, and also encourages environmentally friendly practices in the tourism sector.

In Morocco, this label is run by the Mohammed VI Foundation for the protection of the environment.

The first certification was held in Morocco in 2008. In 2010, forty Moroccan tourist accommodation benefiting from this label.

This label is awarded on the basis of international standards that cover different fields:

  • Environmental Management
  • the water management (resource management and sanitation, plumbing, sprinkler)
  • waste management (waste sorting, volume reduction)
  • Energy management (energy management, heat, household equipment, lighting)
  • sustainable procurement (food, maintenance, other purchases)
  • the living environment (indoor environment, outdoor environment)
  • the environmental awareness (information to hosts, employee training)