Une oasis de quiétude

Why a Riad ?

Choose a Riad to stay in Marrakech.

Morocco is an exotic location.  You will only need a few minutes to relax and discover the effects of this destination.

A good way to accentuate this change of scenery lies in your choice of accomodation. In Marrakech, you can choose all the options but we feel the best is an authentic Riad.

At first sight, a Riad is a discreet building for the passerby. When we stroll in the derb (alley) of the Medina, we can’t imagine that behind theses high austere walls, where windows curl here and there, magnificent residences are hidden.

The Riad is the traditional construction you can find in the heart of the Medina. Upon entry, you will be welcome in a hall way especially designed to not reveal the mansion’s splendor. Remember that these Riads were built to be totally closed from the outside, to protect the privacy of the women who were living inside. Past the hall way, you arrive in the central patio, areal haven of peace, often with trees and flowers, around wich the Riad is organised. (Do you know that « Riad » in classical arabic means garden?) Usually in a Riad, unlike the occidental housing, the rooms are interchangeable : each of them can be used for several activities. At the ground floor, you can find the common rooms. The bedrooms are upstairs. The Douiria, or Master’s House, accommodate generally the house master’s appartments. It’s adjacent to the patio. The Douiria, unlike the other rooms of traditional Riads wich have a great height of ceiling, often has lower ceiling.

Choose the Rihani to stay in Marrakech.

The Rihani is one of these magnificent traditional residences. It has as a large patio and was renovated withgreat care and respect for tradition. So the Rihani offers many advantages.

First, the Rihani is authentic. Its renovation has sought to transform it without ever losing the original soul. The result is a combination of craftsmanship and quality materials,giving the principal effect of a place with all the splendor of a little oriental palace, but without ostentatious luxury.

Then, the Rihani offers legendary hospitality. In our house, you will feel like you are at home without ever bearing the cost. There are many attentions to ensure that you enjoy every moment. And this, all guests will say it, is priceless!

Finally, the Rihani is the tranquillity, the serenity, just a few steps away from the Jemaa El Fna square. This gives you the opportunity to dive into the animated local market, haggle with  the souks, or begin a visit to one of the most well known historical sites, without really going away from the Riad. You can come back and plunge in an ocean of calm whenever you want.

Not sure yet? Really? So, it’s high time to explore our universe : Welcome home !